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About inteGRITY Fitness Club

No religion, no politics, no bullsh*t.

Inundated with an infinite amount of noise, it's no wonder why so many struggle with nuanced and rational thinking.  Social and news media has led to sharp increases in distorted worldviews, cyberbullying, depression, anxiety, addiction, isolation,  and unrealistic expectations in a complicated and fast-changing world. Optimism, self-responsibility and human decency are losing ground to pessimism, blame, and resentment toward others.  inteGRITY Fitness pushes the concept of a men’s club to the next level, striving to reverse that trend through comradery, education and shared discipline.

Despite membership being limited to men, inteGRITY Fitness Club is NOT a woman haters' club.  In fact, blind/blanket hatred toward any group has no home here.  To the contrary, inteGRITY Fitness Club was founded on principles of love, compassion and acceptance, all of which are rooted in self-respect.  Studies have shown that male friendships are a critical component of overall health and happiness for all men, despite social pressures to maintain a stoic attitude and that developing and maintaining male friendships can help men lower stress, improve their overall health, and strengthen their emotional intelligence.  inteGRITY Fitness Club embraces the notion that healthy male bonding can build better men, and a better man is better for society.  

Men in Suits
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